Thursday, September 15, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever

Hello all...I know I say this every time...but I am a HORRIBLE blogger! I'm hoping that now with preschool starting, I will have a bit more time to keep up with posts. catch you all up, things have been pretty exciting around here. We took a trip to visit my husband's family, and Ryan and I left Judebug with Gaga and Gapee for a few days while we visited the family cabin in Colorado. Ryan went backpacking for a few days with his dad and brother Ty, while I enjoyed some MUCH needed me time alone at the cabin. It was so relaxing and I got caught up on tons of edits and album designs. My birthday was on August 22, and Ryan and I drove up to Denver to celebrate. We ate an amazing dinner and shopped the next day. Once we returned home, I had a few sessions to shoot. One being the beautiful Violet, whose Mommy was the winner of the giveaway. Below are some of her shots, which I am sooooo in love with.

I also had a super cute session on Monday, but I am not allowed to post any of the images until after the party on Saturday. Anyway, Ryan and are are leaving AGAIN on Saturday for a short trip to Manhattan. I'm hoping to get some really cool shots while I'm there. I just bought a new lens that I think will be perfect!

So...I'm going to enjoy my trip, because when we get back, I am really booked up with sessions and weddings. Next Saturday I am assisting a dear friend of mine with a wedding, then I have two more weddings the next Saturday and Sunday (with sessions in between). Holiday sessions are about to start, and I have booked dozens so far, along with some engagements and bridals sprinkled in.

2012 is going to be a big year for me...I have 11 weddings booked already, and the 12th is in the works. My goal when I began the business 5 years ago, was to have 12 weddings in one year. I'm thinking this may be that year. It's barely September and I'm almost there!!!! So...thank you to all of my lovely clients for your support, and kind words. You guys are what keep this going!!!

Ok...enough babble. Here are some new images. Enjoy!



Monday, July 25, 2011

Newborn Session Giveway!!!

In honor of my birthday next month, I will be giving away a FREE newborn session!!! To qualify, your due date must be within the Leo Zodiac (the old calendar). Enter by messaging me ( with your due date, gender of baby, and baby's name. I will be drawing names for the winner on August 1st, so get them in soon! Share with your pregnant friends as well!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

"What do I Wear for my Session?"

Each time I book a session, I encounter the age old question of  "What should I wear?"

Well, rather than trying to verbally explain what styles and colors photograph nicely, I have decided to post examples of different outfits for each member of your family. These outfits are comprised of current season pieces at common stores nationwide. You don't have to go out and buy the exact outfits shown (unless you just really like them and want to), but definitely use this as a guide when choosing your apparel for your session. Don't hesitate to add accessories like a scarf, hats, leg/arm warmers, as these will add a lot of dimension and texture to your images. Layers are great, and you don't need to always worry about what shoes to wear. When doing a laid back, casual session...barefeet can be the perfect way to give you that relaxed feel.

Once you have decided on clothing for you and your family, please feel free to send images to me of what you have chosen. This helps me to know what colors you will be wearing so I can incorporate props and bring along a few accessories that I have on hand. I am your personal, custom photographer, so please do not hesitate to contact me about the styling of your session. My job is to work closely with you in order to completely customize your session so that you may have beautiful images to enjoy for decades to come. I hope this helps some of you in choosing your clothing pieces, and I am really looking forward to seeing what some of you come up with!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fort Worth Children's Photographer

Well...apparently these ice days are doing me a great service! While my husband is home, he has been tending to our son and having some "boy time", which has allowed me to spend some time on the computer catching up on edits and blogging. So...the last "snow day" we had, the Easley family braved the weather to drive all the way to Joshua from Colleyville. Now that's dedication if you ask me!

Anyway, when I first met Amy, she was about 3 months pregnant with her son Preston, and I was about 6 weeks pregnant with my son. So we immediately shared a common ground. She and Dennis recently added another member to their family...Miss Payton. Since I was on bedrest when Preston was born and didn't get the opportunity to do his newborn shoot, I was completely ecstatic to shoot Payton's. Especially since I very rarely get to take photos of little girls! is a preview of their first family shoot!

Alright my friends...need to finish some more edits before the ice melts and hubby has to go back to work.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Can you believe it guys?!?! Two posts in two days! I think that's a new record for me! Anyway, I was granted permission from this gorgeous bride to post a few of my top pics from her session on the blog. Her husband-to-be is a member of facebook, so I promised not to post any on there. So Mac...if you're reading this, turn away this instant!

So...after driving around the Stockyards in Fort Worth and having no luck finding a spot to shoot (the rodeo was in town and it was CROWDED), we ended up back in Joshua, which is just south of Burleson for those of you who aren't familiar with the "Burbs".

Ashly is such a sweet individual that I've had the honor of knowing for a very long time, and has quite a special story behind the significance of her bridal gown. The dress was originally her mother's gown which she has had reconstructed to suit her own personal style. This is no ordinary "wear your mother's dress" situation. Ashly's mother Angela was diagnosed with Skin Cancer in September of 2003, and passed away in June of 2004. Since her mom is unable to be there with her physically during this special day, this dress will allow Ashly to have a piece of her mother close to her heart when she takes her vows.

As promised, here are a few of the shots from our session. I decided to only post images of her beautiful face, so as not to spoil the surprise of her customized dress. I'll post full length ones in May after the wedding!

Thanks for taking a peek at the blog today, and I'll be posting again very soon! I have a super cute, squishy baby shoot that I know you guys are just dying to see!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ashley Mauldin - Fort Worth Photographer I am officially HORRIBLE at blogging! I know it has been months since my last post, but in my defense, I do have a toddler who keeps me very busy! That aside, the end of 2010 was extremely busy for me. In the month of October, I shot 4 weddings and several family portraits. November and December weren't much different. My schedule has been full of children's portraits, families, card designs, and a few maternity and newborn shoots. Add in a few bridal sessions and you have my last few months in a nutshell!

Over the holidays I spent some time catching up with my editing, and playing with some new equipment I received as gifts. I also recently purchased a new wide-angle lens, and I can't wait until my next opportunity to use it!

Anyway, I thought I would share my favorites from the recent months to catch you all up on what I've been doing while neglecting the blog! :-) I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Baby Dax

Ugh! I just wanna pinch those cheeks!!!!

McKenzie Family these guys are so awesome! Doug and Natalie are two of our closest friends, and she's also my AMAZING hairdresser! Anyway, here are my faves from their family shoot with their son Greer. By the the midst of all these photoshoots, I managed to design a new logo!

I call this next image "Love Sandwich".

Little Miss Halle

I can't get over this little girl and her dimples! At her session, she was just getting over a nasty cold, but I think we managed to get some pretty cute shots, aside from the runny nose and cough. She was such a trooper!

Ok internet mongers...that is all I have time for now. I have a ton of editing to catch up on this weekend, so I will (hopefully) be posting some more previews in the next couple of days. I have an amazing bridal session that I am working on, so if I can get the bride's permission I'll be sharing a few of those. Anyway...hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and check in soon for more updates!