Thursday, September 15, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever

Hello all...I know I say this every time...but I am a HORRIBLE blogger! I'm hoping that now with preschool starting, I will have a bit more time to keep up with posts. catch you all up, things have been pretty exciting around here. We took a trip to visit my husband's family, and Ryan and I left Judebug with Gaga and Gapee for a few days while we visited the family cabin in Colorado. Ryan went backpacking for a few days with his dad and brother Ty, while I enjoyed some MUCH needed me time alone at the cabin. It was so relaxing and I got caught up on tons of edits and album designs. My birthday was on August 22, and Ryan and I drove up to Denver to celebrate. We ate an amazing dinner and shopped the next day. Once we returned home, I had a few sessions to shoot. One being the beautiful Violet, whose Mommy was the winner of the giveaway. Below are some of her shots, which I am sooooo in love with.

I also had a super cute session on Monday, but I am not allowed to post any of the images until after the party on Saturday. Anyway, Ryan and are are leaving AGAIN on Saturday for a short trip to Manhattan. I'm hoping to get some really cool shots while I'm there. I just bought a new lens that I think will be perfect!

So...I'm going to enjoy my trip, because when we get back, I am really booked up with sessions and weddings. Next Saturday I am assisting a dear friend of mine with a wedding, then I have two more weddings the next Saturday and Sunday (with sessions in between). Holiday sessions are about to start, and I have booked dozens so far, along with some engagements and bridals sprinkled in.

2012 is going to be a big year for me...I have 11 weddings booked already, and the 12th is in the works. My goal when I began the business 5 years ago, was to have 12 weddings in one year. I'm thinking this may be that year. It's barely September and I'm almost there!!!! So...thank you to all of my lovely clients for your support, and kind words. You guys are what keep this going!!!

Ok...enough babble. Here are some new images. Enjoy!



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