Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fort Worth Children's Photographer

Well...apparently these ice days are doing me a great service! While my husband is home, he has been tending to our son and having some "boy time", which has allowed me to spend some time on the computer catching up on edits and blogging. So...the last "snow day" we had, the Easley family braved the weather to drive all the way to Joshua from Colleyville. Now that's dedication if you ask me!

Anyway, when I first met Amy, she was about 3 months pregnant with her son Preston, and I was about 6 weeks pregnant with my son. So we immediately shared a common ground. She and Dennis recently added another member to their family...Miss Payton. Since I was on bedrest when Preston was born and didn't get the opportunity to do his newborn shoot, I was completely ecstatic to shoot Payton's. Especially since I very rarely get to take photos of little girls! is a preview of their first family shoot!

Alright my friends...need to finish some more edits before the ice melts and hubby has to go back to work.